Monday, May 5, 2008

Trail Angel

Williamsburg to Glendale, VA

We started out around 7:30 AM from the Super 8. Jon had been there so long the staff cried. I gave Linda my bag that I used to bring miscellaneous items on the plane. She said she really needed a bag just like that. As we scooted out of town the mist was rising of of the grass and gave us a strange sensation of being surrounded by battles and ghosts of regiments who fought in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. Jon keeps up with the history of the area and we stop frequently to honor the monuments to those who were killed on both sides.

Jon got his first flat tire. The only time I got wild and crazy and passed him he got a flat. I am waiting at the convenient store about a mile past him when a young rider from the AC group stopped and told me of Jon's dificulty. I figured by the time I got back to Jon he would be ready for an ice-cream. I managed to get back before it turned out to be an ice-cream float. He had fixed his flat on the rear tire and was ready for the treat. It wasn't long before we were safe at the Glendale Methodist Church. The caretaker graciously allowed us to use the building behind there church to crash in. Not a bad crash it even had refrigerated air conditioning. We shared the place with Katie and Chris who were riding across American on a Tandem.
I would like to thank Gail again for guiding us through the bike path and pointing out the special sites. Jon and I have always met special people in our travels and Gail is certainly in the top ten "Trail Angels"