Friday, May 2, 2008

Williamsburg Cab Ride

Friday, May 2nd
We always start out very precise. You will note by the 10th or 15th day notation of the day and date will be less than consistent. Anyway, I have arrived in Williamsburg, Virginia. Let me tell you the hour long cab ride was worth the experience. The cabby was from Nigeria and half the time he was on the phone with his friends or family speaking something incomprehensible to this westerner's ear. Even though he assured me that English was the national language in Nigeria. Non the less I pestered him relentlessly in the journalistic manner that many I meet have learned to detest. I mentioned that I would like to bike in Africa and his response was that I would be Lion Bait. He emphasized that it wasn't anything personal, that any westerner is considered less than desirable company but good revenue for the local bandits and robbers. He had lived in the States for greater than 6 years and had a family that were completely westernized. Due to the wild agility of his driving habits, I believe he must have had some sort of standing appointment that he needed to be at. He seemed to be apologizing to someone on the phone for being late. Needless to say he was becoming more and more agitated that we were not finding the bicycle shop sooner rather than later. He was just as happy to let me out of the cab as I was to see "Bikes Unlimited" As quickly as I paid him he was off. Spinning a U turn almost quick enough to catch me crossing the street. All kidding aside he was very friendly and tried patiently to answer the repetitive bombardment of questions that I shot at him.
Once at the bike shop I assembled and hooked up my trailer Barry had done a excellent job of reassembling my bike and tuning it up. I rode from Scotland Road down Richmond Ave to the Supper 8 where Jon was waiting. I had called him from the bike shop and he met me in the parking lot. We were both very glad to see each other. The hotel was across from a local shopping center where we grabbed dinner at Sal's Italian restaurant, picked up some necessary hardware items and visited the bookstore. As we walked back to our hotel the sidewalk was becoming crowed with local visitors who were out for a stroll on this Friday evening.

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